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I’m Yamell

The gal behind Barbola dolls.

I started creating my dolls 3 years ago, inspired by the love and fascination I have

for mydaughter. It all started on her 5th birthday when I decided to make Rapunzel

ragdolls to give as party favors. They were highly appreciated and I loved making

them so much that this event marked the beginning of Barbola.

They are unique  cloth dolls "ragdolls", handmade with love and

dedication. Each creation is a one of a kind work of art, made to

Share joy, smiles, and little bit of magic to whom gives them a

New home

Barbola dolls are full of color, inspired by all the bright shades,

Aromas  and textures found in Mexican traditionaol candies and

Also influenced by the innocence and happines of childhood

Barbola is authenticity,  attention to detail,   love and harmony

That begins with the design and the first stitch and continues

Throughout the whole process until each work of art is packaged

And sent to its new home

Play, collect, admire, decorate, love...

¿Which is your Barbola?